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Tallgrass Gordon Setters - Greta

“Breezewood Amazing Lady Greta”, call name Greta, pointing release Chukar and Dakota Lancaster shooting, Greta is owned by Sam and Randy Schertz, Mar 2011.

Chance/Star Litter, 2004


Harley after a successful hunt

Excellent Family dogs
Tallgrass Gordon Setters - Samie

Last day, Jan 09

Chance and Jerry hunting Prairie Chickens near Fertile MN

Samie swimming

Tom walking in on Chance's point

Samie - Nice looking dog

Samie pointing Pheasants, Oct 06

Samie pointing a covey of Chukar near Rome, Oregon, 2009

Chukar hunting near Rome, Oregon

Samie and Puppies 27 Jun.JPG (227504 bytes) Puppy White.JPG (130359 bytes) puppy2.jpg (288077 bytes)

Chance / Samie puppies, 2 girls/4 boys, born 18 June 2006

Pink at 6 weeks.JPG (129764 bytes) PInk pointing 11 weeks.JPG (134692 bytes) Jack Pointing wing 3.JPG (115875 bytes)
Pink at 6 weeks Pink pointing
at 11 weeks
Chance/Samie puppy, Tallgrass Blackjack, call name Jack, 14
Weeks old, Sep 06

P1070012.jpg (96702 bytes)
Chance/Samie puppy at 7 months, her name is “Shine”.  She’s owned by Gary Frasher of MI.

Chance X Samie puppy, 2006  Gus, owned by Nancy and Steve Johnson of Omaha NE.

Shine at 10 months, owned by Gary Frasher of MI
Tall Grass Gordon Setters - Landscape Owyhees Tall Grass Gordon Setters - Landscape Owyhees Tallgrass Gordon Setters - Owyhees Range, Idaho

Chukar, Hun and Sage Grouse habitat in Owyhees range, Idaho

Tall Grass Gordon Setters - 2008 Litter 2 weeks old Tall Grass Gordon Setters Tallgrass Gordon Setters
Ace x Samie
puppies 2008
at 5 weeks old, 2008
Angus (Blue Puppy) from our 08 litter, living in Helena, MT.
Tall Grass Gordon Setters Tall Grass Gordon Setters

Pointing Sharptail Grouse in ND, Oct of 2007

Bill Kelly and Bud (Samie Wyatt pup) receives JH title at 8 Months old 

Pete pointing pheasants in North Dakota 2009
Tall Grass Gordon Setters Tallgrass Gordon Setters Tallgrass Gordon Setters

A limit of Grouse and Woodcock, all pointed by Gus. WI, 2010. Who says a field trial dog can't be a good hunting dog.

Luci (Pete X Maggie puppy, 2010 litter) 4.5 months old,  Own by Craig Dinsdale of California, pointing live birds for the first time

Samie and Wyatt puppy, pointing a pheasant, owned by Bill and Sue Kelly in Southern California

In Memory of Chance - Tall Grass Gordon Setters

In memory of Chance, "Big Dog" 1996 - 2008


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